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Aside from our sheet metal fabrication services, DB Sheetmetals can supply sheet metal to manufacturing projects throughout the UK. Our long-established team are experts when it comes to sourcing and supplying materials that are up to industrial use standards, and our range of stock allows us to provide the most suitable solution for projects. Whether you are a large corporation looking for various metals for a large-scale project or bulk manufacturing, or a one-person hobbyist with a much smaller requirement, our team are happy to advise and supply all the necessary parts.

Some of the sheet metals we supply include:


  • Mild Steel typically CR4 DC01 Grade / S275 JR / DD11

  • Aluminium – NS4 H22 5251 (other graders are available, but this is our stock grade) 

  • Zintec Sheet – CR4 DC01 Grade+Zinc Coated

  • Galvanised Sheet – CR4 DC01 Grade + Galv Coated

  • St/Steel 304 & 316 in both Dull polished or 2B 

Pile of sheet metal
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We always have these more traditional metals in stock, but we can source more specialised materials, should your project require. Typically, we can supply mild steel up to 12mm thick and stainless steel and aluminium up to 6mm thick.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art fabrication services, we are also able to supply section cuts of metal. Using our CNC machine, laser cutter, pem serter and press brake forming devices, we can supply box section, channels, tube section, plate, flat bar, T bar, mesh, hexagonal and form just about any shape required.

Additionally, using our new GEMA paint line technology, we can supply powder-coated metal in a range of colours depending on the specification of the project, helping to boost aesthetics and improve the longevity of the sheet.
With over 30 years’ experience supplying sheet metal services, we have a broad and deep understanding of the different manufacturing industries and can adapt our service based on the unique demands. We’re confident supplying sheet metal to all industries including automotive, pharmaceuticals, military, petrochemical and engineering organisations.  
Whether you require sheet metal, formed metal or our fabrication services on a pre-bought material, our team can deliver across the UK using our bespoke van to safely transport the items to their next destination.

If you’re interested in purchasing sheet metal as a standalone product, or with the addition of fabrication, call our team on 01440 706218.

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