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AMANDA HFE 3i Series
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DB Sheetmetals are thrilled to introduce the latest in press brake technology. The Amanda HFE 3i Series takes the already high standard of bending operations to the next level, incorporating intuitive designs and functionality, including an 18.5” LCD touchscreen for ease of operationality. Built on the solid foundations of the previous models in the HFE Series, this new range ensures the highest quality finishes.

The precise model we have taken on has an impressive 3000mm bed and is a striking 130tons, complete with an approach and return speed of 100mm/s and a bending speed od 10mm/s. Our HFE 3i Series has a total length of 4,620 mm, and height of 2,805 mm.

Taking advantage of the AMANDA Digipro is an extremely accurate, wireless system that precisely measures angles and communicates electronically with the NC. This system ensures a seamless, uncomplicated system of angle control that lends to the highest quality of finishes.

Likewise, an inbuilt barcode system eliminates the possibility of errors and reduces setup time, and the SGRIP ensures that space between grips can be removed. All of these areas combine, along with our dedication to fantastic customer service, to allow for finished products that our customers can be proud of.

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Powerful CADMAN®-CNC

PC-based Windows® Control

ensures fail-safe operation of the

machine while offering the operator considerable assistance in part programming.

Exclusive CADMAN-B 3D

bending software allows automatic programming of the part and precise determination of the blank size.

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