Press Brakes / Forming Suffolk

Amada HFE 1003

Our Press Brakes service in Suffolk utilises the Amada HFE which allows us to bend items up to 3000mm in length (depending on material and thickness)

  • Tonnage: 100 Tonnes

  • Max. Bend Length: 3100 mm

  • Stroke Length:  200 mm

  • Approach Speed: 70 mm/sec 

  • Bending Speed: 1 to 10 mm/sec     

  • Return Speed: 1 to 80 mm/sec

Powerful CADMAN®-CNC

PC-based Windows® Control

ensures fail-safe operation of the

machine while offering the operator considerable assistance in part programming

Exclusive CADMAN-B 3D

bending software allows automatic programming of the part and precise determination of the blank size

Meeting the demands of a constantly changing marketplace requires flexibility, reliability and the use of advanced production techniques that ensure end-product quality. Flexible automation has become a key element in the success of  DB Sheetmetals press brake service in Haverhill. LVD PPEB 80ton 2.5mtr press brake represents the latest technology in press brake automation, providing DB Sheetmetals with the means to respond to an ever-evolving marketplace. Features such as these help DB Sheetmetals lead the way in process automation

Easy-Form®Laser Measuring System
  • Patented system allows exact measurement of the angle during the bending process.

  • Laser sensing mechanism tracks the plate during the bending process and transmits the digital information in real time to the CNC control unit.

  • Bending sequences are automatically determined from the user-drawn 2D part created with the simple-to-use graphics editor.

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