Why Manufacturers Choose Laser Cutting

Updated: May 11, 2018

With ever-mounting Christmas sales, the need to boost your business productivity couldn’t be more urgent. Luck would have it, DB Sheetmetals has a speedy trick up its sleeve: our professional laser cutting services. Learn how this ‘cutting-edge’ technology keeps UK businesses ahead of the manufacturing game.

Blemish Free

Here at DB Sheetmetals, we don’t compromise on the high quality of our finished work pieces. As such, our laser cutting clients can rest assured that their completed sheet metal product will be entirely free of imperfections. How can we be so certain? This isn’t simply down to our skilled metalworking staff. The sophisticated ALPHA IV-Series ensures that only a small area of the metal is heated at any given time, meaning that the incidence of faults is dramatically reduced. Some clever technology goes a long way.

Need for Speed

There are few times in the year that are more demanding for a business than December. Whether you’re completing last minute customer orders or preparing for the New Year well in advance, having quick turnaround times is a perennial priority. Thanks to our efficient ALPHA IV, this can all be achieved without cutting corners, so to speak. Using its fast-moving cutting head, our laser equipment swiftly but accurately produces the required pattern, no matter how intricate it might be.

For superior edge quality in a fraction of the time, experience the efficiency of our professional laser cutting service. Simply look online for more or call our Haverhill team on 01440 706218 today.