Why Choose CNC Punching?

f you’ve heard of CNC punching, you may be scratching your head over precisely what it stands for. For the curious amongst you, the answer is, ‘computer numerically controlled punching’. But still, what exactly does this mean? Luckily for you, DB Sheetmetals has compiled a handy explanation of CNC punching benefits. Read on to learn more.

1. Overthrowing Manual Methods

Whilst traditional sheet metal fabrication methods might invoke a certain amount of nostalgia, there can be no doubt that they are less efficient. By numerically inputting design measurements and details before starting the procedure, the CNC machine goes on to assiduously and independently work to these specifications. In this way, the ever-reliable machine produces pin-point results at a level of accuracy and speed that no human could hope to replicate, no matter what their engineering experience. With this precision and rapid turnover, what’s not to like?

2. Raft of Choices

Whatever your requirements might be, the surprisingly diverse capabilities of CNC punching can accommodate. Whether your sheetmetal product is in need of raised profiles or dimples, holes or slots, perhaps even louvres, our capable CNC punching uses the highest real-world hit rates and RAM positioning accuracy to deliver your top quality sheet metal item.

3. Precision Without the Price Tag

Having heard these accolades, we wouldn’t blame you for expecting a hefty price tag. The fortunate fact is, however, that CNC punching is an extremely affordable alternative to other sheet metal techniques.  With no need for cutting gases and fewer overall tooling charges, CNC punching is a truly cost-effective service, capable of completing huge or small quantities.

Whether you’re in search of a mass production order or simply need a one-off product, our proficient CNC punching can deliver. To book this service get in contact with one of our friendly team on 01440 706218 today.