What is CNC Software?

CNC Machines and their software have revolutionised the way we manufacture and fabricate metal. It allows for increased output, minimised production errors and incredibly precise actions. But what is CNC software, and how do we use it to create flawless products?

The term CNC is an acronym for Computer Numerical Control. CNC is the difference between a manually run machine and one that runs off of automated processes. CNC machines read a numeric code/language that includes precise data regarding cutting, axial coordinates, tool information and every specific detail regarding a metalwork process – including our CNC punching in Suffolk.

CAD-CAM (computer-aided design & computer-aided manufacturing) software takes a drawing/part geometry and turns it into a set of actions that the machine will read and execute. This removes operator interaction from the process and the highly intelligent program carries out the fabrication in a precise manner. Our CNC punching in Suffolk produces flawlessly punched, pressed and dented metal every time.

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