What Can You Powder Coat?

Powder coating, unlike simple paint, can’t be applied to everything. The scientific process behind it requires the item to be electrically conductive. Attempting to spray powder on your average plastic, woods or glass objects will leave you with a mess of powder and possibly a destroyed item, not the flawless finish you were hoping for. But what can you powder coat? You need to ensure that your items are;

Able to Withstand Heat

The process of powder coating requires the item to be able to withstand incredible temperatures, as the heating process (curing) involves around 200 degrees being applied. Therefore, rubber, low quality plastics and other materials that can easily melt, are not ideal for powder coating. That said, there is a whole world full of materials in and out of the home that is perfect for powder coating. Find out about how DB Sheetmetals can provide you with a versatile powder coating service here.

Made From the Appropriate Materials

Typically, any metal object that can hold the electrostatic charge needed to affix the sprayed powder and can tolerate intense heat can be powder coated. Mild-steel, galvanized and electroplated steel, aluminium, stainless steel, and most other steel alloys are ideal for powder coating.

It is a common coating process that you can find on home appliances like kitchen mixers and gas ranges, on automotive products like bodies and wheels, and outdoor features like doors, lamp posts, fences and gates. Find out about the wealth of items we can powder coat for you by calling us on 01440 706218 or read about our other metal services.