Versatile Machines and Skilled Operators – Press Brakes Haverhill

Exceptional sheet metal fabrication doesn’t come easily, and a major component of staying successful in the market is ensuring our machines and operators are performing to their best ability. One of our most popular services here at DB Sheetmetals is our press brakes in Haverhill. We utilise our versatile machines and skilled operators to produce perfectly bent and formed sheet metal products, here’s how;

Versatile Machines

Our press brake machines in Haverhill are top of the range and meet the high industry standards of the sheet metal market. With the Amada HFE 1003 being able to bend items up to 3000mm in length and our LVD PPEB’s flexible automation and advanced production techniques, we can meet your press brake demands, whatever they are!

Skilled Operators

Not only are our machines first class, but so are our operators. Handling press brake machines is a skill that requires intense ability and training. Our press brake operators in Haverhill know our machines like the back of their hands and are always going above and beyond to ensure our customers are presented with an excellent final product. Tooling also plays a huge part in the process of using our press brake machines in Haverhill. Different types of bending such as; air bending, bottom bending and coining, all require different types of tooling. Our operators always know which is best for your sheet metal product.

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