Training on Engineering Drawings

In true entrepreneurial style, we’ve been training our shop floor staff one on one to read and (moreover) understand engineering drawings. After all, being the face of the company, this part of our team really is the lynch pin for our customer interactions. Motivated by our own involvement in an ILM course in leadership and team skills, DB Sheetmetals has created this internal training scheme.

What it Covers

Striking a balance between fundamental knowledge and key techniques, our training course is designed to ensure that trainees effectively apply their newly acquired skills. From drawing symbols and abbreviations, to accurately interpreting dimensions and understanding 3rd and 1st angle projection, we’re careful not to overlook significant gaps in employee knowledge.

Our Eureka Moment

Although an ongoing process, our training programme is fast proving to be a success. Receiving positive praise from the staff members themselves, the course’s effectiveness has also measured up in internal testing, demonstrating that employees have properly absorbed and applied the content. Happily, DB Sheetmetals has been able to provide certification to those who took part. 

Committed to the Cause

This training is just another example of our commitment to employees, offering support and essential opportunities to expand their skill set. What’s more, this training programme helps us further build our reputation for efficiency and design, with our customers enjoying a more immediate, clear-cut service. Simply contact us today on 01440 706218 for further information on our sheet metal fabrication services.