The Vast Scope of Bespoke Metal Fabrication

Here at DB Sheetmetals, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of metal fabrication services, enabling us to deliver high quality, unique components and items directly from our Suffolk factory. We combine decades of practical experience with a working knowledge of the latest in metal fabrication technology and software, from the SolidWorks design programmes we specialise in, to the Amada laser cutters we operate. All of this means that the scope of our bespoke metal fabrication services is practically limited only by your design brief; read on to learn more about our speciality in custom pieces.

The Process

The bespoke metal fabrication process begins with a simple conversation; if you’re a new client, we get to know you and your business, learning about your individual requirements, and how our products can help you to grow or develop. It might be that you require eye-catching point of sale stands to help your direct marketing campaigns, you might just require a bespoke commission for a personal project; here at DB Sheetmetals, your designs are our business.

We then set about delivering reasonable costs and estimates for both labour and materials, before our engineers go on to build a 3D model of your item using the SolidWorks programme. Once we’ve arrived at a suitable design for your piece, our team of metal fabricators will begin the manufacturing process. This might involve using our laser cutting and press brake forming services to shape and mould the pieces to your purpose. We can then go on to powder coat them to your specification, protecting them against environmental effects like weathering and corrosion.

The Products

The primary advantage of opting for our Suffolk-based metal fabrication service is that all of our products are completely made to measure; we aim to keep project costs to a minimum by delivering purpose-built pieces, which means no unnecessary spending on materials and labour. Our bespoke metal products can be found in the most unconventional of sectors and industries; using a variety of laser cutting, press brake forming and metal finishing techniques, we’ve developed pieces for the IT sector, the military and the commercial fashion industry - just to name a few. Our bespoke products range from purpose built data cabinets to house sensitive hardware to catwalk and satellite components.

Learning More

You can visit our Gallery page to learn more about our previous bespoke metal fabrication products, and even find images and videos of some of our previous work. Should you wish to do so, you can make an enquiry by calling us on 01440 706218 today.

DB Sheetmetals Proudly Support Projects in the East Anglia Region

Mar 18, 2016

DB Sheetmetals have long been reputed in our local area for high quality products and efficient sheet metal fabrication services. Working from our metal fabrication workshop in Haverhill, Suffolk, we’ve been fortunate enough to support a wide variety of construction and engineering projects throughout our local community and beyond.

Now, thanks to a period of rapid growth and development, DB Sheetmetals are proud to extend our scope, and will be offering sheet metal fabrication services in East Anglia and beyond.  Our aim is to offer the same level of quality and consistency to projects throughout the broader East Anglia region, working with clients in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire Essex and more.

If you require quality metal fabrication services in East Anglia from reputable, local experts, call our friendly team on 01440 706218, or email us at for rates and further information.