The Three P’s of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting machines have helped the sheet metal industry propel itself into the future. With a highly focused beam of light, DB Sheetmetals laser cutting in Suffolk can produce an impressive high-quality final product. Find out why our laser cutting service is precise, popular and practical.


Here at DB Sheetmetals, we don’t compromise on quality, which is why our laser cutting in Suffolk produces products free of imperfections. Our sophisticated laser cutting machines and the knowledge and skill of our operators are why we can promise pristinely cut metal every time. The intricate laser can be used to cut exact metal within a minuscule margin, allowing us to make the most out of each piece of sheet metal.


Slicing through the competition, our laser cutting in Suffolk is quickly outgrowing other metal cutting methods and is now the industry standard for metal fabrication companies. Due to the smooth edges and the precise beam the laser cutter produces as opposed to the harsh jets of their water counterparts, the amount of metal that is in contact with the machine is extremely small, eliminating the risk of damaging the product in the process.


Our laser cutting in Suffolk uses the best machines for an impressive and consistent turnover. With the ability to cut metal with varying levels of thickness, gauge and hardness, the versatility of laser cutting makes the service incredibly practical for both us and our clients. The high accuracy cutting results produced by our Amada LC Alpha IV, help us strike a perfect balance of speed and precision.

You can read more about our laser cutting service and the specifics of our Amada machine here, or view a range of our previous laser cutting projects.