The Stages of Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is the process of creating metal parts or structures from raw materials and DB Sheetmetals employ a number of techniques to form components as well as finished products. From importing the sheets of aluminium and steel to welding parts of the project together, our fabricators can take a product from conception to completion, using a variety of techniques. While every project is unique, we have developed a process that uses many of these methods and produces exceptional results.


Although different sheet metal suppliers approach the design process in a variety of ways, DB Sheetmetal’s clients are offered the opportunity to provide design specifications or have us produce technical drawings. This way businesses have the freedom to stick rigidly with their own designs which we interpret and programme into our machinery, or they can allow us to formulate an idea on some loose parameters that they present us.


Once the design is formalised our sheet metal suppliers translate these designs into a language understood by the machinery that created the products. These parts are then drawn and ‘nested’ into 2D form onto a metal sheet to ensure the material usage is maximised.


The next stage involves cutting the metal using a laser cutter, to start forming the product to the correct specifications. As one of the most accurate ways to cut metal, lasers follow the design and can cut complex shapes with ease and precision.


Many components require certain perforations or forms such as holes, ribs or countersinks which a CNC punching machine completes.


Our sheet metal suppliers then move onto bending the material into the finished shape, using a press brake forming machine to create sharp and precise bends. By clamping the metal between a top tool and a die before applying pressure, the intended curvature can be achieved easily.

Welding & Assembly

The final stage of the process involves assembling the finished product and welding together any openings that need to create seems. Customers also have the option of our suppliers finishing the product in a powder coating,dependent on their needs.