The Science Behind the Shade

Updated: Feb 1

Here at DB Sheetmetals, we don’t only offer you a variety of sheet metal manufacturing and cutting services, but also flawless powder coating in Suffolk, delivered nationwide.

But what exactly is powder coating? To put it simply, it’s the process in which a powder paint compound (which is a finely ground pigment) is given a negative charge using an electrostatic gun. The metal it is going to be applied to is then treated with a phosphate wash, using the magic of science this allows the powder coating to stick evenly across the surface of the metal. But why choose powder coating over standard wet paint?

Flawless Application

The phosphate wash used to treat the metal, allows the powder coating to be applied evenly and flawlessly. Once applied, the metal is cured (heated up), melting the powder to form one even layer, covering every nook and cranny of its surface. No room for mistakes, we let the science take over.


Our powder coating in Suffolk is often two or three times thicker than standard paint, which is impressive considering It’s applied in just one coat. This allows it to stand the test of time and makes it more resilient against extreme weather conditions, scratches and dings. If your item does suffer a dent, the powder coating will move with it, and it will often bend back into place when the item is fixed.

Time Efficient

While the process of powder coating may seem complicated to the average Joe, it’s actually quite simple and time efficient. Similar to spray painting, even a large metal item can be powder coated with the right equipment in an extremely short time. The curing process when the metal is heated up also typically only takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours depending on the size of the item. Unlike wet painting, which can often require multiple coats and can take days to dry completely, powder coating from start to finish only takes a few hours.

We have a wide variety of bold and highly pigmented colours available, so you really can get creative with your powder coating and add personality to your product. We powder coat everything from our base in Suffolk, but deliver all across the country, using our own transport to ensure your product is delivered unblemished. To find out more about our powder coating services call us on 01440 706218 or email