The Role of Sheet Metal Fabricators

Sheet metal fabrication is the process of turning flat sheets of steel or aluminium into products that can be used as components in larger projects. Every major industry in the world relies on sheet metal fabricators in some way whether it’s to create the latest bespoke sportscar or for a run of the mill computer casing. Sheet metal is extremely adaptive and can be cut, bent and stretched into almost any shape, making it one of the most in demand products in industry meaning our sheet metal fabricators are always on the go.

Tools of the Trade

Sheet metal fabricators use many different machines to create perfectly formed components from band saws and cutting torches to the big players like press brake formers and CNC machine punchers. While our fabricators years of experience help them effectively to employ hand tools, our top of the line technology allows us to programme specific design dimensions to meet the brief and produce a product that is as close as possible to the specification. Whether customers are looking for a one-off piece or a batch production of a specific component our sheet metal fabricators are able to complete a full service or assists in just a single stage of the production, dependent on the requirements of the client.

What Makes a good Fabricator?

When choosing a sheet metal fabrication service there are three main things to look for in a business – modern technology, multiple disciplines and experienced team members. Thankfully, DB Sheetmetals have all of these traits, we offer powder coating, laser cutting, CNC punching, press brake forming and more from our Suffolk base and can ship products across the UK in our bespoke lorry, ensuring that no matter where your company is based, you can have access to our top quality fabrications.

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