The Pros of Laser Cutting

One of the most versatile and high-tech pieces of machinery we operate here at DB Sheetmetals, our laser cutting service in Suffolk allows us to stay ahead of the game and continually produce impressive products. Boating a wealth of benefits, our laser cutting service in Suffolk can offer you:

Versatile Cutting Options

Lasers can create complex patterns and shapes from different materials, in various thicknesses. Laser cutting machines such as our Amada ALPHA - IV allow metal fabricators to have enhanced manoeuvrability and pace. compared to traditional methods, lasers can be controlled with speed and finesse, allowing us to realise even the most intricate of patterns.

Flawless Finish

Our laser cutting in Suffolk provides one of the most accurate finishes available on the market, no matter how intricate the piece or design. with minimized roughness ‘or burrs’ on the final product, this also allows us to bypass the need for subsequent metal finishing which can raise costs and extend turnover time.

Minimised Material Contamination

During the cutting process, physical connection with the metal is restricted to an ultra-fine laser beam. This helps eradicate the chance of material contamination and harm to the material exterior, especially useful when fabricating more malleable metals or creating more aesthetically pleasing outcomes.

Reduced Warping

In comparison to other cutting methods, the area exposed to heat during laser cutting is minuscule, reducing the possibility of warping and providing more exact results.

Precision, Precision, Precision!

At DB Sheetmetals, we use CNC laser cutting techniques to ensure batch uniformity; the majority of crucial factors, such as distance and speed, are controlled automatically by digital software and remove the human error.

To find out more about our laser cutting service, contact our skilled team today by filling out our contact form or calling 01440 706218.