The Pros of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting may sound like something from a sci-fi movie, but it is a real method used for cutting materials with a small and precise laser. Here at DB Sheetmetals, laser cutting in Suffolk is one of the many sheet metal fabrication services we offer, but why should you choose it over other more traditional cutting methods? Other than the fact it sounds pretty cool, there are many pros to laser cutting.

Reduce Mechanical Stress

One of the most popular reasons to use our laser cutting in Suffolk is to reduce the mechanical stress that the sheet metal is put under during the cutting process. Using lasers eliminates the impact pressure that can adversely affect sheet metal products during more harsher cutting methods.

Minimising Waste

Due to the precise slices that laser cutting can provide, the cuts can be made very close to one another without negatively impacting the integrity of the sheet metal. These close and exact cuts allow you to make the most out of your piece of sheet metal, cutting back on overall wastage and producing more parts per square foot of metal- a win-win!

Preserve Metal Properties

When using a laser to cut the metal, the area that is heated is incredibly tiny, as the end of the laser is extremely small. This means that the rest of the workpiece is exposed to little or no heat at all, allowing us to preserve the properties of the material being handled.

These are just few of the many reasons you should opt for our laser cutting in Suffolk. To read more about our top of the line laser cutting machines click here or find out more about our other sheet metal fabrication services.