The DB Sheetmetal Suppliers Mantra

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

We’re confessed perfectionists at DB Sheetmetals who pride ourselves on our ever-evolving technologies, adapting to new processes and providing top quality customer service. As sheet metal suppliers for the UK, we’re part of one of the most competitive markets so staying on top of our game is our number one priority. It’s our commitment to providing stellar service, to all of our customers that pushes us forward as a company and drives us to be better in any way we can, so what makes us the right choice for your fabrication needs?

Versatile Services

Aside from supplying sheet metal to businesses and industries, we can design and create specific sheet metal products, both as one-off pieces and batch products. By opening our services up like this we are able to provide for businesses who are just starting out, small organisations, medium enterprises and even large corporations, meaning that everybody can take advantage of superbly fabricated products. Whether it’s a singular component required for a bigger build or a small installation complete with fastenings, machining and welding, our experienced and knowledgeable team offer a flexible and versatile service.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our sheet metal suppliers have a range of services available under one roof which we can be hired to complete. Using the very latest in technology, we can offer laser cutting, CNC machining, CNC punching, powder coating, press brake forming and pem serter fastener installation. All of the machinery we use to complete these roles is computer programmable so we can ensure superior accuracy and an exceptionally high finish on every piece. This is particularly useful for batches as the technology enables us to produce identical results time and time again – we can even save the programmes and store them for later use if in the future another product is required!

For more information about our sheet metal services, call our team on 0144 706218.