The Benefits of Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Bespoke metal fabrication is a tremendously useful resource for businesses and can help to elevate products and projects when compared to stock, or off the shelf versions. While custom metal fabrication can be more expensive, there is a reason that the off the shelf versions are cheaper, and it usually comes down to poorer quality, longevity and adaptability. If you’re looking for a service that embodies those three qualities and more, then custom sheet metal fabrication is the only way to go!


Products that have undergone custom sheet metal fabrication often have a much longer lifespan than prefabricated products. This tends to be because the design is specific to the indeed purpose and can withstand much more regular applications, whereas other prefabricated products might not meet all of the criteria necessary for the final product. A longer lifespan is more attractive to customers and means that they are likely to report more satisfaction with the product, thanks to its ability to perform. With longer lifespan comes a lesser need for replacement parts, meaning they are more cost-effective in the long term.


Our metal fabrication specialist can create products that work harmoniously alongside the hardware you’re using. By choosing custom fabrication over prefabricated, businesses can more easily cater to varied customer needs, using a versatile service fitted to unique specifications. Customizing the form of a sheet metal object as opposed to buying a standardised version allows it to be compatible with a range of specific hardware, whereas prefab parts may be unable to accommodate for them.

Strength and Durability

When opting for custom sheet metal fabrication, companies choose stronger and more durable alternatives to prefabricated products. Knowing exactly how the metal will be formed and with what machinery, gives a deeper insight into the life cycle of a product allowing you to make adjustments to suit. When you choose DB Sheetmetals, we can even supply the raw materials, so you know exactly how strong and durable the end product will be.