Superb Sheet Metal Fabrication Suffolk

DB Sheetmetals have a reputation for excellence when it comes to sheet metal fabrication in Suffolk, with world-class engineers taking care of projects on behalf of companies from across the UK. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, allowing us to provide services that are up to date, high quality and innovative, resulting in better, more carefully curated projects and components for our customers.

Extra Experience

Having spent the last 30 years in the manufacturing industry, our sheet metal fabrication in Suffolk has been through all of the motions when it comes to fabrication. Back when we started out, we were manually powder coating our items and curing them in an oven and whilst we still yielded high-quality results, we have moved with the times. Today, we use the GEMA automated powder coating paint line to finish sheet metal items, which allows for precise programming, little to no waste and removes any element of human error! The remainder of our services including laser cutting, CNC machining and press brake forming are also all machine-based so that we can consistently achieve the same precision results our customers have become accustomed to.

Bespoke and Batch

We know the importance of having a product that is bespoke in the world of business which is why our team can work with you to ensure that we achieve exactly this. Whether it’s a one-off custom piece or you need to batch produce the item, our team can assist in either scenario. With the capabilities to programme machinery and save the settings to reproduce the same article numerous times, we are adept at fulfilling both large and small orders with speed and efficiency


On Time

We know the importance of meeting deadlines which is why with our sheet metal fabrication in Suffolk, we utilise vast stock collection and time-conscious manufacturing procedures to deliver, on time. Our reliability and commitment to quality is demonstrated by our ISO accredited certificate and by our testimonials, written by tonnes of satisfied customers.