Staying on Top with Quality Checks

With over 30 years’ experience in the sheet metal fabrication industry, DB Sheetmetals has been pioneering the market. It is through our constant dedication to product quality that we continue to lead the UK’s sheet metal fabrication industry, this includes our thorough quality checks. Our Quality checks help us;

Reduce Product Turnover

Our in depth quality checking process catches and documents any errors in real-time, meaning we can catch and fix the issues quickly to avoid any hitches in the production line.

Prevent Future Errors

Many of our sheet metal fabrication services heavily involve machine automation, from our programmed CNC punching to our fully automated powder paint line, ensuring all of our machines are thoroughly checked can avoid any hitches in the process.

Craft Expert Items

Most importantly, by completing thorough checks on every aspect of our fabrication process, we can ensure your items are flawlessly finished without a hitch. When crafting bespoke sheet metal items, we take every care to ensure we meet your requirements exactly.