Speed Things Up With Laser Cutting

One of the most respected pieces of equipment in a manufacturers workshop is a laser cutting machine. Thanks to its pinpoint precision, high speed and versatility, it has many practical uses and is as sharp as a razor’s edge, metaphorically speaking. Of course, the beauty of the laser cutter is that there isn’t a physical cutting surface, like a razor or saw, instead there is a highly focused beam of light that is directed towards an object with a purpose-built nozzle. As sheet metal workers, this tool is vital to the ongoing excellence that we provide on every unique project.

Precision Perfect

By utilising a specific lens, the laser cutter focuses its beam onto a single point on the surface of the sheet metal giving a clean incision that laser cutters are renowned for. The incredibly high level of energy transferred onto the metal doesn’t strictly speaking actually cut the metal, but rather melts it apart, preventing any additional surface damage like scratched or abrasions. This clean cut finish creates seamless incisions regardless of how intricate the design is and leave the customer with a flawless and blemish free product.

Need for Speed

Whether you require the laser cutting services for a one-off sheet metal project or as part of a bulk order we understand that time is of the essence. Waiting for intricate products to be finished can put you behind schedule and halt your projects in its tracks. Fortunately, using the ALPHA IV Series, DB Sheetmetals can guarantee fast turn around times, no matter how tight the deadline. With an efficient laser cutting head, the ALPHA produces consistent results in a dramatically reduced timescale when compared to traditional saw cutting.

If your project requires speed and efficiency, then our laser cutting Haverhill team are awaiting your call on 01440 706218.