Signs of Good Sheet Metal Fabrication

Finding Quality Sheet Metal Services

With so many companies offering sheet metal fabrication services in East Anglia, choosing one above the rest can be a time consuming (and therefore expensive) endeavour. How can you make sure you choose the right professional sheet metal fabrication service without running the risk of investing in sub-standard production methods and poor component quality? Read our blog to find out.

The Proof is in the Product

Reputable sheet metal fabricators should be able to turn their services to a wide variety of project briefs, being able to accommodate orders for military satellites and IP rated data cabinets alike. As such, they should be able to showcase a wide variety of high quality pieces from former projects, reassuring you - the client - of their versatility and quality across various sectors.

That being said, upon close inspection there are a number of trademark giveaways of a poor (or even rushed) sheet metal fabrication service that clients should be sure to look out for when looking to start a project. Be sure to check the seams and joins of metal items, as telltale signs like noticeably poor welding are a clear giveaway of a less than professional sheet metal fabrication service, and are a clear indicator that your money is best invested elsewhere. Remember that, for services like CNC machining and laser cutting, the proof is very much in the precision. Professional laser cutting should give a clear incision with very little burning or scalding. Likewise, CNC machined pieces should fit together to a highly exact degree of accuracy. It pays to bear in mind that, although seemingly minor, issues like poor welding or awkward assembly can lead to serious structural weaknesses, particularly in civil engineering projects.

Choose Quality, Choose DB Sheetmetals

Based in Suffolk, DB Sheetmetals provide professional sheet metal fabrication services throughout East Anglia. As a company we’re wholly committed to quality, and believe the DB brand to be a marker of consistency, design and value. Call us today for cost estimates and further information on our CNC machining, laser cutting and other sheet metal fabrication services.