Service Highlight: Powder Coating

Looking for powder coaters in Haverhill, Suffolk? Our state-of-the-art paint line is a proud new addition to our repertoire of services. Powder coating has a wealth of benefits for any sector, whether the metal is for industrial, commercial, or domestic use.

Our GEMA paint line features preparation, application, and curing stages, ensuring that the metal is clean and primed for the powder and then set to perfection after application. We can apply both embellishments and practical finishes but here is why powder coating is better than the rest:


Powder coating emits less hazardous waste and harmful gases (VOCs) into the atmosphere than standard wet paints and other finishing processes! Plus, this GEMA paint line has a paint recycling feature that reduces waste and the escape of harmful chemicals.


During the curing process the heat causes the coating to ‘melt’ and this chemical reaction produces long molecular chains with high cross-link density. These chains are extra resistant to breakdown, which is why your metals will be resistant so rust, dents, scratches, and extreme weather.


A powder coating is incredibly versatile because despite its industrial strength, the coating is both attractive and flawlessly smooth. The lack of drips and divots mean it’s perfect for sterilisation in hospitals or food production environments. It’s even smooth and strong enough for aerospace!


The curing process varies depending on the size and shape of your item. However, between layers of wet paints and waiting for them to dry you could be setting your timer for a few days ahead. With powder coating, the curing process takes around an hour on average.

DB Sheetmetals boasts some of the best powder coaters in Haverhill, Suffolk, and serve the rest of the UK from this hub. Contact us on 01440 706218 to see what we can powder coat for you.