Service Highlight: Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting is incredibly versatile and gives the ability to create complex patterns and shapes in different materials in various gauge, thickness, and hardness. Not only this, the finish on laser cut items, when done right is flawless, with minimal roughness or ‘burrs’ on the final product.

Here at DB Sheetmetals we use cutting machines like our Amada ALPHA – IV that offer a level of control that is impossible in a manual process, resulting in even less error and minimising the need for subsequent metal finishing that can raise costs and extend turnover. We only use the most accurate and consistent models on the market. Compared to traditional methods, lasers can be controlled with speed and finesse, and because the area exposed to heat during cutting is minuscule it reduces warping significantly.

During cutting, the only physical contact with the metal is the laser itself, which helps eradicate the chance of material contamination or harm coming to the metal’s exterior. This is particularly useful when fabricating malleable metals or cutting design pieces.

The precision of laser cutting and the machinery we use allows for impressive batch uniformity. Therefore, parts to fit into machinery can be cut to fit like puzzle pieces, as well as creating a reliable product for manufacturers. The majority of the crucial factors in the cutting are controlled automatically by digital software to minimise human error.

If you use our laser cutting service you can look forward to:

· Increased productivity

· Safe Process sequences

· High travers and cutting speeds

· Outstanding work piece quality

· Reliable cutting processes

· Reduced set up times

So, if you’re looking for a high quality laser cutting service in the UK, look no further than DB Sheetmetals. To learn more visit our Laser Cutting page or contact us.