Products That Perform with Powder Coating

When it comes to achieving an aesthetically pleasing, practical and performing component, the perfectionists here at DB Sheetmetals are unashamedly diligent. That’s why our services are of the most up to date standards and we never compromise on quality.

Take our powder coating service, far more advanced than traditional wet spray applications the process draws on science to bond the colour to the metal. By pre-treating each component with a phosphate wash, we prep the metal to take the colour via electrostatic charge, so once it’s on, it’s stuck fast.

What’s more, at this time of year when the UV rays from the sun are at their strongest, a powder coated product offers far superior protection than paint applications. You can look forward to a product that looks like new, for longer thanks to it’s resistance to fading in sunlight.

If you needed any more reason to be convinced then this really is the cherry on top to the cake; with powder coating, you can look forward to even fast turnaround times. Unlike the paint of yesteryear, atmospheric conditions don’t warrant how fast the finish is dried. Being cured in a hot oven means a powder coated product can be completed in just 20 minutes!

For more information about powder coating in Suffolk visit our website or call our team 01440 706218 today.