Press Brake Forming: In Your Words

Although they’re naturally malleable to some extent when subjected to large amounts of heat and pressure, metals like stainless steel and aluminium - those most commonly found in construction and engineering projects - can become brittle, and subject to structural inconsistency, if not formed properly at the manufacturing and treatment stages.

Press brake forming is a versatile metalworking technique that allows sheetmetal fabricators such as us to bend and shape metal pieces to suit their individual purpose, before going on powder coated or assembled. The items are fed into a machine automatically - the capacities of which varies by make and model, drastically affecting production output - before being placed between two components; a punch and a die.  

Dies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, although most common press brake machines will feature either a U bend-die or a V-die. So called because of their physical resemblance to the letters ‘U’ and ‘V’, these dies enable sheetmetal fabricators to carefully measure and control the angle to which the metal piece is bent. The second component of the press brake - the punch - is then gradually depressed into the item with a consistent level of force to create an even, stress-free bend. Although there are a variety of press brakes currently on the market, DB Sheetmetals choose hydraulic press brake forming systems for their efficiency and ease of automation.

Why Use Press Brakes?

  • Press brake forming is an integral part of a highly automated production process that enables sheetmetal specialists to create large batches of uniform pieces to strict deadlines.

  • The careful, measured nature of press brake forming means that metal items can be shaped and bent gradually, without causing undue stress to the piece that could lead to structural weaknesses later on. This is of particular importance in construction projects.

  • The wide variety of press brake dies available mean that metal items can be bent to almost any angle or shape with the utmost precision and care.

Enquiring About Press Brake Forming

Here at DB Sheetmetals, our team have a wealth of experience in press brake forming, and we constantly invest in the latest, most efficient equipment at our Suffolk workshop to cater to ever increasing orders. We have the capability to work on items up to 3000mm in length (depending on thickness), and offer a high level of flexibility and cost-efficacy as standard. To learn more about our press brake forming capabilities and equipment, visit our specific page; otherwise please direct all enquiries to