Precise Service, Pinpoint Results

Finding reputable sheet metal fabricators whose quality production isn’t compromised by speed may feel like an uphill battle. Not so with DB Sheetmetals. In our latest blog, we’re revealing how our Suffolk-based laser cutting and powder coating services enable customers to rapidly receive their completed sheet metal product, all without cutting any manufacturing corners.

Time is of The Essence

As ever, we look to boost customer convenience with quick turnaround times. But, you ask, isn’t there some truth in the old saying, ‘haste makes waste’? With precision being integral to the design of our laser cutting systems, you needn’t let those worries plague you. Boasting high traverse and cutting speeds, the ALPHA IV-Series uses its fast laser head movement to accurately pinpoint the designated cut area. Measurably more precise than the human eye, our laser cutting services work with mild steel, aluminium, or stainless steel to produce scratch-free results. What’s more, gone are the days of watching paint dry where our powder coating facilities are concerned. After electrostatic coating, we use varying temperatures to quicken the process. The metals are heated allowing the powder to melt into a consistent film before then being cooled to form the durable outer- coating. All this within one process.   

Picture-Perfect Products

As we see it, the devil is in the detail. For this reason, we use only the most efficient and precise equipment to consistently achieve accurate results. Implementing a wide variety of spray nozzles, the powder coating process harnesses electrostatic coating for better coverage of the product. In short, not so much as a millimetre of the sheet metal will go without this essential finishing touch, whilst the adaptability of our laser cutting service enables complex contours to be worked, producing outstanding quality.

Let us deliver our quality sheet metal fabrication without scrimping on high production standards. Based in Haverhill, Suffolk, you can chat with one of our team today. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01440 706218 to discuss our services or browse online for more.