Precise Presses Every Time – Press Brakes Suffolk

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Do you have a pressing issue? Press brakes are one of the most sought-after services for metal working in the UK. But why choose DB Sheetmetals press brake service in Suffolk? Our machines and software are top of the line, industry leading and produce exceptional products.

Amada HFE 1003

With our Amada press, we can fold up to 3000mm of metal at a time, depending on the thickness of the sheet. It allows us to fold and bend efficiently and effectively every time. With a bending speed of one to ten mm per second, this first-class machine and our expertly trained operators can create an excellent sheet metal product with our press brakes in Suffolk.


The PPEB series of machines opens up a wide range of new possibilities and offers numerous configurations for a truly bespoke product. Integrating production control, communication and management, it provides us with real-time information allowing for maximised output and quick product turnover.

Impressive Software

Constantly investing in industry leading hardware is one of the many ways we keep on top of our game (in fact, we are implementing an entirely new powder paint line in January, that you can read about here), but one of the most important steps we take to ensure an outstanding product every time is through constant innovation of our software. When executing our press brake service in Suffolk, the CADMAN-B 3D bending software allows automatic programming to make sure the product is precise and perfect. We also use the Easy-Form Laser Measuring System that tracks every bend and transmits digital information to the control unit in real time, creating outstandingly exact pressed sheet metal.

So, if you are looking for a press brake service with impressive product output, quick production time, using the industry’s top machines and software, then look no further than DB Sheetmetals, because here, press is more!

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