Powerful Powder Coating

Powder coating is becoming more prevalent as businesses learn of the amazing properties it possesses. This method now serves over 15% of the manufacturing market and is continuing to grow, which is why we invested in a state-of-the-art paint line, meaning we’re now industry leading powder coaters based in Suffolk, serving the whole of the UK.

This fully automated Gema paint line emulates a continuous production environment that is suitable for anything from singular items to entire lines of product. The monorail system features a pre-treatment, drying oven, powder booth, and curing oven. The reduction of operator intervention reduces production time and the automation ensures an even, thorough coating by cutting out room for human error.

Preparation is key, which is why our pre-treatment step has three stages. The item is degreased, put through a phosphate wash, and a double rinse to ensure a perfectly clean base.

It will then enter the second stage, the drying oven, to ensure the item is ready for powder.

Thirdly, coloured powder will then be applied in an even layer. We can pre-program designs into our colour system to ensure you receive your perfect design.

Lastly, the product remains in the curing oven until the powder is set and a high-end commercial powder finish is achieved.

The lack of handling between these stages means that we can achieve a flawless product that is far beyond what most manual systems can achieve. But the benefits don’t end there. Powder coating has incredible longevity and resistance to corrosion and damage.

Additionally, this amazing paint line has a paint recycling feature. Powder coating is already more environmentally friendlier than other finishing methods but at DB Sheetmetals we ensure we minimise pollution.

If you’re looking for incredible powder coaters in Suffolk, then look no further than DB Sheetmetals. Visit our website for more info or call us on 01440 706218.