Powder vs Paint – The Pros of a Versatile Coating

Standard wet paint has been used by manufacturers in a wide range of industries over the last 100 years and was the go-to method of finishing metal items before powder coating became popular in the ’60s. More and more businesses are switching over to powder coating every day, and here’s why;


Powder coatings emit little to no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are harmful to our atmosphere, unlike liquid coatings which contain damaging chemicals and toxins. Our fully automated powder paint line comes with a powder recycling facility making it possible to achieve nearly 100% use of the coating. Wet paint overspray cannot be reused as effectively.


Powder coating creates a thick, adhesive finish that lasts longer than the typical coat of conventional wet paint. Powder coated items can withstand corrosion, chips, dents and dings, giving the item a longer life.

Faster Turnover

A flawless finish can be achieved with one application of powder and will only require a short time in the curing oven to completely dry. Traditional paint can often require a few coats to achieve the ideal look and can take days to set properly. This means our powder coating service in Suffolk comes with a far shorter turnover time.


Unlike spray paint, which can drip and spread unevenly, powder coats produce consistently smooth and solid surfaces with no trace of application marks.

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