Powder Coating: Your Magic Tool for Metal Corrosion

Metal corrosion happens as a result of chemical reactions between the metal surface and its surrounding environment. Of course, the type of metal and the environmental conditions in which its in determine the severity and rate of corrosion. Ultimately though, all metals are susceptible to corrosion.

This doesn’t, however, mean there aren’t steps you can take to help prevent it.

Simpler methods involve utilising drying agents and moisture barrier products to keep the metal and the area around it dry, however, these must be done frequently and can be time consuming.

Another way is through powder coating.

Power coating creates a thick, protective layer over the metal. This means that the metal is protected from the elements of its environment and can withstand corrosion and, ultimately, last longer. Whilst liquid paint also has these qualities, powder coating is more durable than liquid paints and, therefore, is better at preventing or hindering corrosion.

This method to finish metals items is becoming increasingly popular, and its ability to prevent corrosion is one of the reasons why.

Here at DB Sheetmetals, we have recently launched our brand new, fully automated powder coating paint line. The state-of-the-art online power coating systems means we can powder coat items bigger than ever before. With a three-stage pre-treatment process, a two-rinse system and automated spraying facility, the item is finished to absolute precision and perfection.

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