Powder Coating: Weather-proof Your Metal

Whether they’re found on vast bridges, incorporated into innovative architectural designs, or just make up the key components on a child’s bicycle, metal pieces are potentially going to be subject to years of weathering over the course of their lifespan.  Powder coating is commonly thought to be the preferred metal finishing solution across a range of sectors, including engineering, construction and architecture, in the large part because it affords a durable, long-lasting form of protection against weathering, rust and other forms of corrosion.

During the curing stage of the powder coating process, the powder substance covering the metal component is subject to extreme temperatures in purpose-built ovens. The application of heat over time causes the powder molecules to merge together, effectively forming a molecular barrier that’s very difficult to penetrate or corrode. In the powder coating industry, we refer to this substance as a polymer, a vinyl-like, hardwearing protective layer that effectively seals off metal pieces from oxidation and erosion.

The Science behind Corrosion

As a term, weathering is commonly used to describe the corrosive effects of rain, wind and other conditions on a material over time. Metal items such as iron and steel are particularly susceptible to the effects of weathering (in particular, rusting), which is why investing in professional powder coating services is highly important.

Rusting occurs when metal components that haven’t been coated come into contact with water and oxygen. During this time, the iron reacts with both the water and the oxygen in a process known as oxidation to form iron oxide (the crumbling brown/red substance we describe as rust); for obvious aesthetic and safety reasons - rusting is highly undesirable. If you haven’t invested in powder coating your items, prolonged exposure to conditions like wind and rain can lead to unchecked rusting, causing structural weaknesses and superficial issues that are highly expensive to rectify.

A Weather Warning

Needless to say, extreme conditions are growing increasingly prevalent throughout winter, which is why it’s time to consider investing in powder coating - if you haven’t done so already. Excessive rainfall and high wind speeds all speed up the corrosion process, meaning that iron and steel components at the heart of bridges, buildings and any number of consumer products are increasingly at risk.

Operating out of our Suffolk-based workshop, DB Sheetmetals offer a range of powder coating solutions to suit your needs. We have the capability to powder coat small to medium items, and can fulfil recurring orders, or just work with one off commissions. If you’re struggling to find the right coating for your products, we can even source it from our suppliers within two working days. Don’t leave the health of your metal components to the weather; call us on 01440 706218 to enquire about our efficient powder coating service today.