Powder Coating Suffolk: A Dash of Colour for Summer

As the sun begins to shine for the first time in what feels like a decade, the summery mood begins to creep in. With it, many people opt for a bit more colour in their lives, be it their wardrobe, home interiors or even their sheet metal! If you’ve got a project this summer that could do with a splash of colour, then our Powder Coating in Suffolk is sure to brighten your day.

Picture Perfect Coverings

Powder coating your products is a failsafe way of adding colour in a single uniform layer. Applying a phosphate wash, followed by electro-static application of the finely ground pigment, then finally a heat sealing, makes the colours stick fast and melt into a single uniform layer, doing away with the bristles, dripping and streaks often seen with traditional paint jobs. Thanks to this technical but simple application, the colour pigment is primed to be extra resistant to scratches, chips and marks, so your product stays pristine for longer. What’s more is this method is even more resistant to UV bleaching, so even if your final product dwells outside all summer, the finish will be as vibrant as the day it left our workshop!


Whatever your manufacturing needs, our powder coating in Suffolk has a colour swatch to suit. With a whole spectrum of colours to choose from, you can opt for bold blues, mellow yellows or ornate oranges to name but a few. Our expert metal workers even have the ability to colour match, so if you need a specific colour or a match against an older batch, our team will ensure your product lines up with your vision.

Go Green!

With the sun shining, the summer months make the trees, grass and nature look a little bit greener, so why not make your products the same? We’re not saying every product should be physically jade or emerald, but be green in a metaphorical sense. Luckily when you powder coat your products, you’re doing just this! Traditional paint and coverings contain solvents and volatile organic compounds, which damage the environment. By contrast, powder coating contains neither, so you can finish your products with a clean conscious.

So what are you waiting for? Bring your products to DB Sheetmetals for Powder Coating. Just call our Suffolk based team on 01440 706218 to book.