Powder Coating In Suffolk: Powder Power

Here at DB Sheetmetals we know that quality is the top priority for manufacturers, but this can be hindered by the mindset that the old methods are the best. After all, taking a risk on a new technique could greatly cost you in the future. But Our Suffolk Powder Coating team are here to tell you that it’s out with the old, in with the new when it comes to the finish of your metal products. Paint has had its reign but powder coating is here to stay and if you need convincing we’ve put together the 3 P’s of Powder Coating for you to peruse!

Picture Perfect

Choosing to powder coat your product means you opt in for flawless coverage. By starting the process with a phosphate wash, the metal is prepped to take the coating for the long term. Then using an electrostatic gun, a finely ground pigment is sprayed onto the product with a negative electrical charge, which makes the powder stick. The metal is then heated, melting the powder into a uniform layer, so you can be guaranteed every millimetre of your product has a fair distribution of coating. With a raft of colour options and even the ability to match on request, you’ll get a sheet metal product that perfectly reflects your requirements.


It’s easy to see why many people mistake this finish as purely decorative, but let us assure you it is much more than that. Powder coating offers significantly more protection from daily wear and tear than traditional paint jobs. Those detested chips, scratches and fading associated with liquid finishes are a thing of the past; instead your product will be immaculate and blemish-free and it’s all thanks to that phosphate wash! It makes all the difference in keeping your colour job, dynamic, dazzling and distinctive.

Post- Haste!

The dread of deadlines can disappear! By using state of the art technology your sheet metal product can be fully cured in less than 20 minutes. We know it’s hard to believe that you could get such a fantastic finish in such a short space of time, but powder coating really does tick all the boxes. You can keep your productivity at an all time high, and there’s no more watching paint dry!

If we’ve convinced you, why not take advantage of our professional powder coatingservice simply call our Haverhill or Suffolk team today on 01440 706218 or browse onlinefor more.