Powder Coating: Finishes on a High Note

From the automotive industry to the manufacturing sector, it’s imperative that you have the ideal finish for your sheet metal project. Fortunately, this is DB Sheetmetals’ area of expertise. Thanks to our time-efficient powder coating service, we’re proving how you can receive the quality end-product you always envisioned in record time. Read on to find out how.

Unparalleled Accuracy

No matter how you look at it, powder coating is infinitely more accurate than traditional paint finishes. But how can we be so sure of this precision? Simply put: science. By first applying a phosphate prewash to the sheet metal, the surface is capable of holding the coating for the long-term. Our experts then go on to disperse the powder across the product surface using an electro-static gun, otherwise known as a corona application. This equipment imparts a negative charge into the powder, resulting in the perfectly even colour coverage of the sheet metal item.

A Riot of Colour

At DB Sheetmetals, we believe in having a breadth of choice to accommodate every client requirement. Whether you have a single item in need of uniform colouring or multiple pieces requiring diverse colour application, our professional powder coating can help. With our raft of available colours, we’ll have the shades to suit your sheet metal specifications.

Prompt Turnaround Times

Unlike the paint of yesteryear, the rate at which your powder coated product dries doesn’t depend on changeable atmospheric conditions. Instead, we offer a streamlined service taking only 20 minutes to fully cure the powder coated metal. In this way, you can swiftly receive your product and get back to business in a fraction of the time. 

Boasting precision, variety and speed, what’s not to like about powder coating? With nationwide delivery, simply contact our Suffolk team on 01440 706218 today for your finishing touch.