Points On Powder Coating

Scratching your head over powder coating? Whether you’re hoping to colour a whole batch of sheet metal products or simply cover that one-off piece of yours, DB Sheetmetals is getting you fully clued up on this innovative decorative finish with our three-point guide.

1. What is it?

It’s best to begin by getting the technical side of things cleared up first. Using an electrostatic gun, we spray finely ground pigment and resin onto the product. The gun imparts a negative electric charge to the powder, causing it to stick to the product before then being heated. This heating process results in the powder melting into a single uniform coating. There’s some state-of-the-art science and technology for you.

2. Made of Sterner Stuff

Don’t be fooled into thinking this process is purely decorative. Doubling up as a resilient protective finish, you can take advantage of the two-fold benefits of powder coating. Where scratches, chips or fading can plague traditionally treated products, powder coated surfaces boast greater resistance across a range of surface textures. Thanks to its durable nature, you’ll be investing in a solution that’s truly cost-effective with no need for wasteful repeat treatments.

3. The Green Choice

No, we’re not talking about the range of colours (although, in case you were wondering, these do happen to be unlimited). Instead, we’re looking into the environmental impact of powder coating. Where traditional liquid finishes contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds) found to be harmful to the environment, there’s no such thing present in powder coating. And after all, who doesn’t like to do their bit for the environment?

From everyday appliances to the automotive industry, our powder coating service is truly versatile. Get your professional sheet metal finish by contacting our Suffolk team today on 01440 706218.