Plan Ahead with Our CNC Punching

With Christmas on the horizon and New Year on its way, your manufacturing or engineering business is no doubt preparing for whatever 2018 has in store. For that reason, DB Sheetmetals is pulling no punches and letting you in on the advantages of our efficient CNC punching service, helping you to save time and money in the long run.

Use Your Time Well

One of the main benefits of this technology is evident in its very name. Standing for ‘computer numerically controlled’ punching, our Amada machine is operated by numerically inputting specific design measurements and details. In this way, the equipment is essentially foolproof, removing the possibility of human error as is seen with traditional, manual machines. What’s more, this numerical operation also proves itself significantly more efficient than hand-operated techniques, meaning you can receive the highest level of precision in the minimum time frame.

Budget Cutting

The New Year doesn’t have to mark extravagant expenses when it comes to CNC punching. As this cost-effective technology doesn’t use the cutting gases or the same tooling charges of other sheet metal techniques, clients can produce anything from small one-off jobs to mass production orders without the worry of receiving an extortionate bill.

Keep Your Options Open

With the technology’s diverse output options, you can really mix things up. Have anything from raised profiles and louvres to dimples, slots and holes. All this becomes possible thanks to CNC punching’s use of the highest real-world hit rates and RAM positioning accuracy. These features combine to deliver a sheet metal product with unparalleled precision.

Boasting rapid turnovers, cost-effective capabilities and a raft of perforation techniques, our CNC punching ought to be your business’ next investment. To book this professional service get in contact with one of our friendly team today on 01440 706218.