Paint a Powder Coating Picture

For perfectionists like DB Sheetmetals, there’s one saying we truly dread hearing: ‘you’ve missed a bit’. With this in mind, our Haverhill powder coating services enlist the help of specialist equipment designed to eradicate mistakes. Coupled with our team’s metal fabrication know-how, your finished sheet metal product exceeds all expectations. Let us paint the picture for you in our latest blog.

Assured Accuracy

By now, you’ve probably gleaned that our team are unashamed precisionists. It’s little wonder, then, that we’re big fans of the pin-point results afforded by powder coating. So how exactly are we so sure of this precision? Well, it’s all down to science. We begin the process with a phosphate wash preparing the metal surface to take on the coating long-term. The electro-static gun, or corona application, is then introduced. This piece of equipment imparts a negative electric charge enabling an equal distribution of the powder across the item. From here, the powder is melted to form the durable, even coating you’ve been looking for.

A Bit of Variety

Perhaps you’ve got a selection of connecting items, but you’re not after a single, uniform colour? Our expert powder coating in Haverhill can accommodate. With a broad spectrum of colours to choose from, and even the ability to supply on request, you’ll get a sheet metal product that perfectly reflects your requirements. 

In a Hurry?

Let’s say you’re urgently in need of colouring your component to finally finish that project of yours. Whether you time is tight or you have some wiggle room, our rapid turnover lets you breathe easy over those looming deadlines. What’s more, thanks to our market-leading technology, our fast processing of your metal item doesn’t compromise on product quality.    

Now we’ve set the scene, why not make the most of our professional powder coating in our Haverhill workshop? Delivering throughout the UK, you can discuss your options today with one of our team.  Simply contact us directly on 01440 706218 or browse onlinefor more.