Our Complete Sheet Metal Service

Updated: Feb 1

In our third decade of business we’re proud to provide a range of subcontract sheet metal services to manufacturers across the UK. We specialise in powder coating, laser cutting, and CNC punching, but that’s not all we do, and we don’t do it quite like anyone else.

Firstly, we don’t use ‘cookie-cutter’ tactics to turn out product fast that ends up identical to everyone else’s. We swiftly created new designs that fit the purpose they’re being manufactured for and are incredibly accurate. In addition, we carry out extensive quality checks throughout the sheet metal fabrication process.

Our state-of-the-art machinery and accompanying software ensure precision machining but that doesn’t mean we leave the process unmonitored. We do quality checks at every stage of the process because one tiny flaw can snowball into flawed product and we only turn out impeccable results.

CNC Punching - Amada EM3510NT

The EM starts with Amada's famous bridge-frame design – the increased mass on the side plates create the incredible stability required for less flex, yaw, and twist. In other words, this increases tool lifespan, increases punching speed, and improves part accuracy.

Laser Cutting - Amada LC-2415 Alpha IV

The ALPHA IV-Series guarantees an incredible level of precision and clean cutting results. Its hybrid design sees the cutting materials moving on the X-axis while the laser head simultaneously travels on the Y-axis. This increases productivity and turns out outstanding pieces.

Powder Coating - GEMA

Our semi-automated powder coating paint line uses four steps to create perfectly powder coated products. Starting with a thorough 3-stage pre-treatment, then drying, then applying powder, then curing. The semi-automated nature ensures fast and reliable coverage.

To find out more details or about our other sheet metal services please visit our website or contact us on 01440 706218.