Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing Sheet Metal Fabricators

When undertaking a manufacturing project, it’s only natural that managers will seek out the best deals and try to find the best-equipped sheet metal fabrication services for the task at hand. As a fairly specialist sector, sourcing a fabricator that is experienced, qualified and knowledgeable about the processes involved is the ideal situation, but many project managers are subcontractors who don’t know enough about manufacturing to make an informed choice. Avoid making these common mistakes!

Cheap Doesn’t Mean Cheerful

Whatever sheet metal fabrication service you’re sourcing, the cost is always a significant factor. While a cheap option may seem like a good day, they are rarely cheerful later down the line. Consider what a lower price means – cutting corners, incorrect technologies, cheap labour and less quality control all amount to a poor product that may have issues or a significantly reduced lifespan. That’s not to say that the best provider will be the most expensive, but instead find a fabricator who can meet the demands of the budget and timeframe but has good reviews, lists experience and has great testimonials.

Software Solutions

It’s always advisable to check out the software and equipment that a sheet metal fabricator uses, ensuring that they have the correct tools to get the job done efficiently and to a high-quality standard. Modern techniques using programmable technology tend to produce much higher quality results than old school techniques like shearing and hand punching. A good sheet metal fabricator should be able to tell you about the capabilities of the machinery they use and should demonstrate a good working knowledge of these state-of-the-art technologies.

Experience Length & Breadth

Experience matters and this is especially true in specialist fields such as motorsport, military or medicinal manufacturing. Choosing a sheet metal fabricator with experience in the correct industry is vital to the overall success of projects. One who has worked in the field before is likely to better understand the complexities and expectations of the production and therefore may be able to more effectively problem solve any issues that could arise.

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