Machine Feature – PEMSERTER 2000

Updated: Jan 4

The PEMSERTER ® Series 2000 ® press is a market leading machine in the world of fastener installation and can store up to 300 jobs. It is because of quality machinery like this that we can continue to provide an exceptional and rapid fastener insertion service in Suffolk.


Able to apply 8 tons of force at a 61 cm throat depth, the high-speed hydra-pneumatic system delivers presses with accuracy and speed unparalleled by other insertion systems.


Utilising a programmable controller and a menu-driven touch screen, this high-tech machine allows us to quickly and easily set it up and manage every aspect of the project and the fastener installation set up and quickly adjust variables for quick turnover.


The unique machine comes with a highly intelligent operating system which includes a wireless fail-safe protocol that uses infrared beams to instantly detect when the ram comes in contact with any item that should not be in its path. This not only protects our operators from any potential harm but ensures that the ram force is only applied in the precise place needed during installation, resulting in a flawless delivery.

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