Machine Feature: Amada LC-2415 Alpha IV

Here at DB Sheetmetals, we are proud to not only offer clients with work from highly trained engineers but also incredible machinery. Our laser cutting service is no exception and the features of our Amada LC-2145 Alpha IV help us to produce an outstanding product.

The hybrid design of the Amada machine allows the metal to be placed on the x-axis of the plane, while the laser head travels on the y-axis, allowing for a smooth and controlled cut with the ability to create complex contours. The perfect balance between fixed and flying optics results in fast turnover with exact precision.

While the machine boasts ease of operation with AMNC touch screen controls, interchangeable nozzles and a 900 cut condition database, the skill of our engineers works in cooperation to create a second to none product. The ball bearing or polyurethane sheet rollers mean they can manoeuvre the sheet with ease and accuracy.

Many laser cutting machines on the market can cut efficiently but can leave scratch and burn marks on the metal as a result. The Amada LC-2145 Alpha IV uses low friction material movement to avoid damage to the final item.

You can find out more about our laser cutting service and the specifics of our machine by clicking here or by filling out our contact form.