Machine Feature - Amada HFE 1003

Amada has always been a market leading manufacturer of the best metalwork machines available, creating unique and versatile technology that is developed to provide innovative manufacturing solutions. At DB Sheetmetals we are proud to offer our sheet metal fabrication services using this expert machinery, including our press brake service. As a part of our machine feature series, we are going in depth into the Amada HFE 1003 and how its versatile design allows us to create expertly pressed products.

Faster Part Processing

A large working envelope delivers accelerated processing speeds of 15mm per second. It also has a variety of options for processing large work, gauging intricate and complex parts, and comes with a new automatic laser angle measurement system for materials up to 20mm thick.

High Precision

The software automatically chooses the correct press brake tools and formulates tool layouts and bend sequences. The automated process then creates the programmes needed for the item without any intervention from operators. Employing a traditional tool layout and withstanding a maximum of 99 items, this saves time and decreases the need for frequent tool set-up. Combined with the innovative CAD design software, the bending process is simple and streamlined.

Easy Operation

The Amada HFE-1003 3i has a 19inch, 3D multi-touch screen control, with the smartphone-like operation. All programme information is available on a single screen. Our engineers know these machines like the back of their hands and can create expertly pressed sheet metal.

Environmentally Conscious

Fitted with an energy saving drive with stop-start technology, our press brake service is designed to save both electricity and oil.

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