Machine Feature: Amada EM3510NT

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

DB Sheetmetals are always proud to offer a service using some of the best sheet metal fabrication machines on the market, and our Amada CNC punching machines are no exception. The Amada EM3510NT boasts precision and efficiency allowing us to produce perfect CNC punching from our Suffolk warehouse.


Specifically designed with twin direct AC servos attached to the famous bridge-frame structure, the machine can provide fast punches with a versatile stroke length. The innovative apparatus can produce the highest real world hit rates on the market.


With extensive tooling and the integration of CAD software and machining programmes, our CNC punching machine in Suffolk can produce a vast range of bespoke designs exactly to your specifications.


The EM3510NT technology stores and reuses any energy that’s generated during the ram deceleration, rendering electrical savings of up to 50% over other more power consuming hydraulic machines.


Using a computer to input the dimensions and blueprints, the Amada machine carries out the process, completing punches and dimples with incredibly precise ram positioning accuracy that can’t be achieved by hand.

If you are looking for a CNC punching service in Suffolk, then look no further than DB Sheetmetals, our dedication to innovation can provide you with a service like no other. Call us today on 01440 706218 or fill out our contact form here.