Let The Experts Take Care of Your Sheet Metals

The clues in the name with DB Sheetmetals, but contrary to what you might think aside from our astounding range of services, our team can also source and supply projects with sheet metals. We don’t discriminate against who we provide sheet metals too; we’re happy to provide a weekend hobbyist with one singular sheet or a huge manufacturer with several types of material which are formed, coloured and welded. If you are looking for a sheet metals provider in 2021, then look no further than DB!

Steel – 2021

There is currently a global shortage of steel which has been caused by the COVID-19 and so we are urging any customers with orders for 2021 before April to place orders immediately to avoid any stock or capacity issues. Once we have quoted for the project involving steel, the quotation will only be valid for 48 hours subject to the sale of stock.

The good news, however, is that we still have a range of other sheet metals that we can provide in abundance for projects, including aluminium, Zintec Sheet and Galvanised sheet.

Bending, Forming & Cutting

We don’t just provide sheet metals to our clients; we can also provide formed metals by employing a range of our services. On site we have machinery for laser cutting, CNC punching, press brake forming, fastener insertion and have an automated powder coating booth for projects that demand colour. Customers can take advantage of as many of these services as they require, and our team guarantee the highest quality end result. If you’d like to take your project one step further with DB, we can create and form all different metal components and complete full product assemblies.

Let DB provide your sheet metals and corresponding services in 2021 just call us on 01440 70628 to discuss.