Lesser-Known Sheet Metal Services

Here at DB Sheetmetals, we’re always talking about our well-known sheet metal services including laser cutting and powder coating but we actually offer a far more diverse range of manufacturing services. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop sort of company providing everything from sourcing of materials through to delivering the final product. We’ve discussed some of the sheet metal services we can offer as single or combined options.


As previously mentioned, our team can source materials for companies including, steel, aluminium and zinc in various different thicknesses. Outside of this, we can also locate more unusual metals and are happy to explore our connections and network to help secure them for our customers. We are happy to provide raw material sheet metal or process it using a range of our services to make it more purposeful for the end product.


Our team can provide technical drawings to manufacturers who are looking into the formation of products using sheet metals. Using our extensive cross-industry experience, our engineers can create these drawings to a brief or generate our own ideas after some initial ideas have been presented to us.

Pem Serter

Our state-of-the-art Pem serter machine is used to attach fastenings to metal objects. The machine safely, accurately and quickly installs PEM fasteners and is programmable for reliable results every time. Ideal for component work, it is an essential sheet metal service for the production of goods made of multiple parts.

Press Brake Forming

Not all sheet metal manufacturing requires the raw flat sheet which is where our press brake forming service comes in. Using an automated die and tool, this machinery can form bends in metal, create complex patterns or even corrugate dependent on the requirements of the project.

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