Laser Cutting: Old vs. New | Haverhill

Gone are the days of ceaselessly sawing our way through metalwork projects. Nowadays, traditional cutting methods have been well and truly supplanted by state-of-the-art laser cutting techniques. In our latest blog, we’re revealing that it’s not just the team at DB Sheetmetals who benefits from this service: learn how this cutting-edge technology (forgive the pun) can help you realise your engineering or manufacturing project sooner rather than later.

It’s Got the Edge

We mean this quite literally. Laser cutting enables a higher level of precision, letting our skilled team create sheet metal products that boast far superior edge quality to those achieved through traditional means. What’s more, unlike older methods, laser cutting only heats a small area of the metal during the cutting process, meaning imperfections with the material are more readily avoided. With this enhanced precision and reliability, you can expect a sheet metal product that accurately reflects your design: and yes, that even includes those awkward, complex angles.

In The Fast Lane

Whether it’s a one-off sheet metal project or part of a bulk order for your manufacturing company, waiting for completed products can prove frustrating. Not so with our laser cutting service. Using the ALPHA IV-Series, DB Sheetmetals guarantees fast turnover times no matter how tight the deadline might be. With its efficient cutting head, this laser equipment produces consistent results at a significantly reduced timescale, day in and day out.    

Wherever you are in the UK, you can experience the efficiency of our professional laser cutting service.

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