Laser Cutting: In Your Words

What is Laser Cutting?

Commonly accepted to be one of the most versatile tools in a metal fabricator’s workshop, laser cutting equipment allows firms like ours to create inimitably distinguished, complex pieces with both speed and precision. As a metalworking service, it exceeds conventional saw cutting methods in almost every way, giving items a cleaner finish in a shorter turnaround time.

So how does laser cutting actually work? A laser is effectively a highly focussed beam of light that is directed towards the metal item through a purpose-built nozzle. Using a specific lens, the laser cutter then focuses the highly intensified light into a single point, giving a clean incision that laser cutting techniques are renowned for. Owing to the incredibly high level of energy transferred, the material isn’t cut - as the term “laser cutting” might imply - but rather melted apart, which prevents any additional superficial damage, such as scratches or abrasions, which might be incurred through traditional saw cutting methods.

What are the Benefits of Laser Cutting?

As a process, laser cutting - and more specifically CNC laser cutting - carries a litany of advantages for clients, regardless of their industry.

  • Laser cutting services and machines provide one of the cleanest finishes currently available on the market, no matter how intricate the piece or design. Resultantly the quality of contours and edges cut into the metal is second to none, leaving you, the client, with a highly professional, blemish free product.

  • By their very nature, laser cutting machines such as our Amada ALPHA - IV afford metal fabricators increased manoeuvrability and pace. In stark contrast to typical saw cutting options, lasers can be guided around the item with speed and finesse, allowing us to realise even the most intricate of patterns with minimal room for error.

  • This enhanced precision and manoeuvrability reduces the need for additional tooling and manual finishing, enabling us to cut down on both time and labour costs, and pass these savings directly onto our clients.

  • At DB Sheetmetals, we employ CNC laser cutting techniques to ensure batch consistency; the majority of crucial factors, such as distance and speed, are controlled automatically by digital software to reduce the risk of product inconsistencies.

Where Can I Learn More About Laser Cutting?

DB Sheetmetals offer a variety of laser cutting and other metal fabrication services to businesses across Haverhill and throughout the wider Suffolk region. To learn about our specific machinery and capacities, please visit our dedicated Laser Cutting page. Otherwise, you can discuss projects and get free estimations by calling our team directly on 01440 706218. Keep following our blog for more industry insights and impartial advice.