Industry Focus: Automotive

In the world of manufacturing, you can name any industry and we can guarantee that sheet metal and metal fabrication has a vital role in it. To educate you on its importance and prominence in today's industries, we will be writing a series of blogs detailing its practical uses in some of the largest sectors in the world, the first being Automotive.

Sheet metal forming is of great importance to the automotive industry. Most of the high production cars released today are made from sheet metal and sheet metal components. Due to the versatility of sheet metal and the many processes that it can undergo to maintain the perfect shape, it can be turned into almost any vehicle component.

The automotive industry demands a large yield with a fast turnover, which is why our sheet metal service in Suffolk utilises some of the most advanced and automated machines on the market. Our CNC (computer numerically controlled) software allows us to produce items in an impressive time with a precisely programmed and accurate finish.

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