Industry Focus: Aerospace

To make you more aware of the practical and versatile applications of sheet metal, we have written a series of blogs on the different industries and the role that our sheet metal products can play within them. Here at DB Sheetmetals, we have experience providing our sheet metal services to some of the most vital industries in today’s market, including aerospace.

Through our years of experience in the manufacturing industry, we have cultivated expert skills to create custom solutions for the following aspects of aerospace:

Commercial Aerospace

Our team can manufacture components for commercial aircrafts and use our selection of fabrication services including laser cutting, CNC punching and powder coating to produce outstanding results.


This involves the fabrication of metal parts for the defence sector, where a high level of quality is crucial. We are able to help with comprehensive design, sheet metal fabrication and delivery of bespoke items.

To find out more about our sheet metal fabrication services and how we can produce high-quality products for the aerospace industry speak to a member of our team on 01440 708216 or fill out our contact form.