Improve Projects with Powder Coating

Manufacturers are always on the lookout for new technology and processes that can improve their projects and our state-of-the-art powder coating in Suffolk is just that. It isn’t just manufacturers who can make use of this high-quality sheet metal service though, we see many customers from sectors including commercial, industrial and domestic. Our GEMA paintline is fully automated and accurately conducts all phases of preparation, application and curing ensuring that the metal is cleaned and primed for powder and then set perfectly after the application.

How Can It Improve Products?

Durability – Curing the powder in a hot oven once it has been applied turns it into a hard outer layer that ‘melts’ together to form a shell around the product. This chemical reaction forms long molecular chains with high cross-link density making them extremely resistant to breakdown. Products can benefit from durability to rust, dents, scratches and extreme weather.


Compared to paint or spray applications, powder coating has a relatively fast turnaround time. Depending on the size or shape of an item the curing process can take around an hour, which is much shorter than waiting for paint to dry. Not to mention, painted items often require multiple coats.

Eco Friendly

Powder coating doesn’t omit any hazardous waste or harmful gases which are frequently found in paint and other finishing processes. Our GEMA paintline also allows us to recycle any powder that falls from the item in the application process, which we then reuse – so there is no waste!


A powder coating is incredibly versatile and has industrial strength that is attractive and smooth, making it a great choice for even delicate projects. There will be no drips of divots on the final piece allowing it to slot effortlessly into sterile, hospital, aerospace and home furnishing environments.